Friday April 7, 2017 @ 6:30PM

Cocktails & Conversation 

Ready for a much needed ladies night of fun? Join Dr. Kim Nguyen and Christina Runnels, MA, LPCS, LCDC for a night of mixing, mingling, and awareness! Cocktails & Conversation is all about celebrating Mommyhood while we learn about postpartum illnesses that effect 1 in 7 women. You'll learn to recognize symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety as well as things you can do to work through them.

So take a night off and enjoy some cocktails and light bites while sharing and learning about this topic!

Let's face it, sometimes being a Mom is hard. Between the bottles, diapers, and doctor's appointments it's easy to get lost in everything. In addition to that, 10-20% of Mom's also suffer from postpartum depression. Postpartum depression goes beyond the "baby blues". Most Mom's, about 70% struggle with the baby blues. This usually consists of being weepy, frustrated, and even some feelings of anger. These feelings come and go and are usually moderate in intensity. Postpartum depression knocks the socks off of the baby blues. It's intense, lasts significantly longer (over a period of months versus weeks), and can be accompanied by feelings of anxiety and excessive worrying. What's worse is that most women suffer in silence through this rollercoaster of emotions. Society expects new Moms to be happy, proud, and excited to talk about their new baby, their feelings about motherhood, and even their birthing experiences. Sometimes those things just don't align with society's expectations. This stigma can make it even more difficult for Mom's to reach out to get help.

What are the warning signs? Where can you go to get help? When the overwhelming feelings of emotion get in your way of your ability to take care of yourself or your baby then it's time to raise your hand and ask for help. When you are at the place of not getting out of bed, struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy, or having those dreaded intrusive scary thoughts it is time to get help. Primary care physicians are a place that most Mom's find themselves talking about these feelings. Ob/gyns, midwives, chiropractors, psychologists, and therapists are also great helpers for working through these feelings. Regardless of wherever you decide to go, just go. Don't suffer alone. In order to be the best Mother you can be you have to be good to yourself.