Being A #ChiroMom: Part 1

I’m always finding that I’m using #chiromom or #chiromomlife when I post things with Evie, but what does that mean to me? Obviously I’m a mom and a chiropractor, but I love that my profession gives me the knowledge and ability to care for my family with holistic alternative methods when necessary.  If this makes me a “crunchy” or hippie mom I’m all for it, but I prefer the name modern naturalist! This is going to be a 4 part blog series answering the most common questions about what I do for Evie when it comes to her health. Recently with the change in weather our poor Evie has a cold and I’m always asked “What do you do for Evie when she’s sick?” But I also get the “Oh I bet Evie never gets sick” cause I’m a #ChiroMom right? First and foremost, I’m just a mom trying to survive and keep my child alive. If she’s feed, clean and happy then it’s a good day (enter thumbs up emoji here).

I am very thankful that Evie doesn’t get sick very often but when she does I look to the nervous system first. Evie gets checked weekly for any misalignments and gets adjusted when necessary. Which is basically every week anyways because she’s 2 and everything needs to be higher and faster. Getting adjusted helps to boost the immune system and helps the body fight the nasty cold/flu more efficiently. Evie is such a #chirobaby by now cause she knows when its time to climb up on the adjusting table and lie face down for an adjustment. I also make sure she gets more nutrients with extra Juice Plus and homemade elderberry and onion syrup. If you guys haven’t heard of elderberries before, I’m so happy to introduce you to them! These little berries are filled with nutrients and great at boosting the immune system*. Topically, I use OnGuard and Breathe rollerball (10 drops of oil and top with fractionated coconut oil) on the bottom of her feet, down her spine and on her throat*.(Read my previous blog for more info on immune boosting oils!) I also have these oils diffusing in the house and bedrooms! All of this goes for when my husband and I get sick as well. We try to keep our nervous systems in check and functioning at 100% as best we can but life and germs happen!  

This is my #chiromom example. My hope is that this gives others some alternative health options when their family members are getting under the weather. Even use these tips as preventative measures!* Click the links for my homemade onion syrup and my favorite elderberry syrup recipe from Wellness Mama. Stayed tuned for next weeks blog for Part 2 of being a #ChiroMom. 

Please let me know any alternatives you would like me to address or anything you are curios about! Just contact me at or message us on Facebook

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