Being a #ChiroMom Part 2: Supplements

Welcome to Part 2 of being a #ChiroMom! So the next most common question I get is “What supplements do you give Evie?”  I take a handful of supplements myself and do a lot of nutrition counseling for patients so its only natural that my child gets supplements as well. No matter how perfect we eat it’s really hard to get all the nutrients we need through food. Also, no one has the perfect diet. Especially a 2 year old who would rather play than sit and eat. Everyone who has seen Evie knows how tiny she is and must think she never eats, but in actuality she eats all day! That wasn’t always the case though!


Earlier this year I would have to force Evie to eat, she was the laziest eater out there, still kind of is. She would eat but no where near enough. Just to get greens in her I make what I call “green juice”, a mixture of kale, spinach, carrots, green apple, grapes, lemon and celery. She loves it and drinks about 3oz twice a day. Then I was introduced to Juice Plus and that started to make great changes in Evie. She was finally gaining some weight, she’s eating more quantity wise and being a lot better about eating proteins besides fish and chicken. Its just yummy whole food gummies that she eats 2 of each a day, 2 of the veggie blend and 2 of the fruit blend*.  It’s such a wonderful whole food supplement I even take it myself daily but in capsule form! Instead of a multivitamin I recommend Juice Plus cause its actually whole food*! Learn more about Juice Plus here.


Evie also takes a probiotic every other day and the days she doesn’t take a probiotic she drinks water kefir. This is for her gut health*. She was a C-section baby and with that she missed out on all of mommy’s good microbiome because she didn’t go down the birth canal. When she was an infant I gave her Klaire Labs probiotic powder and would just put some on my finger she can just suck off.  I was also taking probiotics when I was nursing her and still continue to take them! With probiotics you always want to switch out the brand and strains that you buy every time you finish a bottle. You don’t want to keep feeding the same strains of bacteria in your body so it’s good to pick 3 different probiotics all with different strains and switch them out. You can even take a probiotic break every 2 weeks or a month depending on our gut health. Also, remember it’s best to take probiotics at night before bed because this is when stomach acid is the lowest so your body doesn’t kill too much of the beneficial bacteria. I like Klaire Labs chewable, Usana probiotic powder (I add it to her green juice) and water kefir or kombucha. I make the water kefir and kombucha myself and flavor it differently with every brew. Evie’s favorite is cranberry or cherry kefir and raspberry kombucha! Fermented foods are a great source of probiotics and they contain different strains of bacteria. That's why I choose to do the kefir and kombucha instead of a 3rd brand of probiotics. Comment and ask me for my recipes and I’ll be happy to share my kefir and kombucha!


Lastly, Evie takes a Mannatech Mannabers antioxidant gummy to help keep her cells happy and healthy and a Usana BioOmega Jr. fish oil*. There are so many benefits to taking fish oil like brain health, improve learning and eye health. I’m all for brain health and mommy and daddy have terrible vision so we are making sure Evie is protected early! I like this particular fish oil because it's in gel form and orange and pineapple flavored.  This makes it really easy to add to anything and she'll take it. It may seem like a lot of supplements for a 2 year old but it’s completely natural in our home and I recommend them often in the office for patients. Ever wondered if the supplement you’re taking is even helping or necessary for your body? I’d love to answer any supplement questions you may have! I do a lot of blood work nutrition analysis in the office and you can look here for more info! 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.