Being a #ChiroMom Part 3: Snacks

So I’m always trying to find healthy and easy to fit in my mommy bag snacks for Evie.  She is a foodie just like her parents so if a food or snack is “Evie approved”, it’s a winner. Evie loves to snack all day you’d think “snack” is her favorite word. I’m not too picky about her getting too many snacks during the day because homegirl barely eats enough as it is, so if she asks for anything food related, she will get it. Here are her top favorite mommy approved snacks.


Her top 3 favorite all time snacks for when we’re home are grapes, clementines, and coconut yogurt. I mean what kid doesn’t love these items. She could eat these all day if I’d let her. Now these are not super mommy bag friendly and require prep BUT these are our go to in the house. The coconut yogurt I get is by SoDelicious and she likes the strawberry and blueberry ones. To make them even easier for her to feed herself I put them in these awesome WeeSprout reusable food pouches. I swear I could put anything in those pouches (and I do) and she’ll eat it! They’re super easy to fill and clean as well! I’ve been debating on making my own coconut yogurt but trying to keep my kefir grains and SCOBY alive for kombucha are enough to handle for right now.


For my mommy bag I always have Annie’s cheddar bunnies or graham bunnies on hand. To keep things clean I put them in these awesome snack cups, which are also always in the mommy bag.  Another snack that’s always in the mommy bag are puffs. Yes, Evie still likes to eat puffs. I don’t mind either cause there’s lots in one container and it’s easy to put in her snack cup. Her favorite is by Plum Organics and she loves every flavor. So my secret weapon, last resort, please sit still for mommy for 2 minutes while mommy does whatever errand snacks are YumEarth gummy bears or fruit snacks. I know I know, not the best and technically candy BUT at least they’re organic, non-GMO and artificial dye free. Evie absolutely loves them and they work like a charm every time. 

Now I am suddenly hungry and also finding myself making a mental grocery list for snacks we’re close to being out of. Hope your little ones love these snacks too!