My Birth Story


The next few blogs will be pregnancy and birth related starting out with my birth story. Just thinking about that time makes it feel like it was just yesterday and I can’t believe that it’s been over 2 years now. Those 24 hours anxiously waiting for this baby bear to arrive were the most unforgettable memories. 

At this time I was 40 weeks and 3 days and was sooooo ready for this baby to be here.  I was in clinic in school at the time and adjusting patients was becoming quite a challenge so I had been nesting at home for a few days.  It was 4pm on a Tuesday, November 4th and I was laying on the couch watching TV when my water breaks! My first thought was “oh my gosh I think just peed on myself”, but no, my water broke! And it was like what I was expecting, you know this big gush of water and it just kept coming! So I grab my phone to call my husband and at the same time run to the bathroom so I wouldn’t keep leaking onto the floor. Here I am at home alone, husband is an hour away at work and I’m just chilling on the toilet so I don’t leak anywhere else. My next thought was “man  I need to get my adult diapers”! HAH! YES! I had adult diapers ready for this reason! A girlfriend of mine who gave birth a few months before me told me to have them on hand just in case for this reason! If I could just get to the diapers (which were of course upstairs) I could at least walk around without worrying about leaking. 

I think God heard my cry because not 2 minutes after my water broke my sister decided to stop by and check on me! So here I am sitting on the toilet as she comes in and her initial reaction was “why are you on the toilet with the door open!” Our powder room is right in view with the front door so yea she opens the door and sees me in all my hot mess water just broke glory. I thank God everyday for that moment because He knew baby was coming and that I would need help, so He sent my sister a little message to come check on me. She just “had a feeling “she says, to come over after work. So she gets my adult diapers and I’m able to walk around. I called my midwife Darlene next and she said to get some rest cause I was going to need to for what was to come. 

Our birth plan was a little different cause we had a midwife and an OB, prepping for a hospital birth. We decided on a home birth first but midway through my pregnancy, for personal reasons we decided to have a hospital birth. So we kept my midwife cause I loved her and just wanted her knowledge with me through labor and in the hospital. I knew I wanted to labor as much as I could at home before we went to the hospital. At this point its almost 6pm, my husband was already home and we were just making sure hospital bag and birth plan were ready to go. Then we just went to sleep like my midwife suggested. I literally woke up at 7am the next morning and nothing had happened that night. No contractions or anything. We called Darlene that morning and she suggested I get up and moving, go on a walk. I get a little concerned at this point because usually when your water breaks baby comes soon after, but not in my case. I remember feeling 2 cramps before I fell asleep but that was about it. My husband was on the phone with Darlene for the most part of our walk just up and down the street. We were on the clock at this point because my OB gave me 18 hours after my water broke to come into the hospital and no antibiotics would be given. This was discussed during our check ups so I knew the time crunch I was on. It had been 14 hours now and my midwife made the call for us to head to the hospital. She was an hour and a half away and made her way to the hospital too. I don’t think I would’ve gone in had my midwife not said for us to because I was doing everything I could to have a natural birth. I knew the earlier I went into the hospital the more interventions I was probably going to have. 

So I showered, cause that’s what us about to have baby pregnant moms do right? We always have to shower first and eat! I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat anymore so we stopped for kolaches  for us and for the hospital staff too cause we needed to butter up to the nurses before whipping out our birthing plan. I got in the hospital, triaged, turns out baby Genevieve had meconium leaking out into the amniotic fluid already so I was admitted.  I honestly get scared and don’t know time at this point. Everything I didn’t want happen, happened. I was hooked up to IV antibiotics and low dose pitocin to try to get things going. I was confined to the bed for fetal monitoring when I wanted the wireless one.  I didn’t get to do anything except side positions in bed. My midwife and doula had still not arrived at this point. I was so thankful for my husband because he was trying to advocate for me, asking the nurse to get a birthing ball or find the wireless fetal heart monitor but I didn’t get any of it. The pitocin contractions were not fun at all but bearable. No one had even done a cervical check at this point cause they didn’t want to risk infection with my water being broken for so long. I just remember my legs were getting so tired and I’ve just been laying there in bed. My nurse was in and out very regularly checking on the fetal monitor. Apparently baby bear was not doing well with the pitocin contractions and I had to get oxygen and change positions. Things were getting very real and my midwife finally shows up. She confirms the concerns of baby bears heart rate and we’re just praying at this point that everything will be ok. 

Oh my gosh at some point in here my mom and aunt come in the room and give my husband a sandwich cause they’re worried that he needs to eat. I remember I wanted to punch him in the face for eating this sandwich in the room in front of me and I could just hear every crunch. I’m also in a lot of pain at this point cause they increased my pitocin thinking baby would come but it just made baby even worse. Eventually her heart rate was decelerating  with every contraction and not coming back up as fast as they’d like, so I’m told. My OB starts talking C-section and next thing I know I’m being prepped. My heart just sank, I was not mentally and emotionally prepared for a C-section. We were working so hard to have a natural birth. We did Bradley Method class, I was well adjusted, my pregnancy was great. I was just praying for a vaginal birth at least but now that wasn’t an option for me anymore. I had 1 min to cry and let it sink in. I was terrified, not going to be brave about it. I was terrified, getting wheeled into the OR, getting the spinal block and not knowing what to expect there. Thankfully I had a great anesthesiologist and I didn’t feel too much of that. Or maybe my adrenaline was up so I tuned everything out. I remember just shivering so much on the table and my husband was finally next to me. 

Over 24 hours later at 4:20pm, Genevieve Quynh Nhi Tran was born at 6lbs 4oz and 19in long. When I heard her first cry, it was as if the room went silent and everything was perfect in that one moment I got to hold her. I was thankful that they let me hold her and do skin to skin right there in the OR as my OB was closing me up. She was just perfect.  I even got her to latch right there and once I was closed up she went with my husband to get checked and bathed. My C- section recovery and having a newborn is another story to tell but that was it. This was my birth. Even though she didn’t come the way we planned, she’s healthy and there were no complications. It turns out her umbilical cord was too short so she couldn’t even make it down the birth canal. I have come to terms with my birth and I know she was born the way she needed to be born. At least we’ll be better prepared for next baby and know what our options are! I know this was a long one so thanks for reading!