Baby's here now what? It's so easy to be caught up in the moments after having your baby and all you can think of is taking care of this precious gift that needs your constant attention 24/7. Moms, we have to remember that this was a process for you too. After a few weeks, your pregnancy high comes down and reality sets in of "when am I ever going to get my life, health and body back". Please let us help you physically, mentally and emotionally during this time. If everything with labor and the birthing process went well, we recommend our new moms to come in as soon as they are able. You can also consult with your OB-GYN about when to come in. No matter how well of a birthing process you had, it was still a process and your body went through some major changes to give birth. Your body then has to get used to not having a baby in there and getting adjusted can help the spine and pelvis get realigned. Getting checked and adjusted can also help improve new mommy pains, sleep, and may even increase your milk supply by reducing the stress in your system.